Flowerpot Waterinf Device / Drip Irrigation Spikes / Daily Dripper

Product Description

ITEM NO.: JK0086
‧Automatic waters your plants while you are away, and keep soil moist for days.
‧Using this flow control device, the flower or plant will have the right amount of water all of time.
‧And avoid undesirable water evaporation, the device can inject water directly near the roots of the plant.
‧For nourishing plants with fertilizer or plant food, it is simply add the liquid or powder to the water and shake to mix-in with the water.
‧Great for indoor and outdoor plants.
Instructions for use:
    1. Take the long plastic tube to connect with the plastic flow control device.
    2. Take an empty water bottle (250ml to 2L), fill it with water and screw the flow control device on to the top of the bottle.
    3. Insert the flow control device into the soil from the pot so that the water bottle is upside down.
    4. Turn the knob on the flow control device will adjust the flow of water.