About Art Double Wall Glass

 About Art Double Wall Glass 



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* The past history of the art double wall glass

Because we sold numerous quantity of the art / figurine wine glass to the market, but we always received the complains about breakage or damage of the glass figurine. Sometimes it was just a little breakage, but it could not good to be used. Therefore, we thought deeply "how to protect the figurine and without damage or broken?".

Finally, we spent around 2 years at the new skill and improving this poor matter, making the Double Wall Figurine Glass / Art Double Wall Glass at safety and  keep longer time for the consumers to use.

* Character


1. The design of the art double wall glass, which can prevent the temperature change of content drink from the outside

    air, and keep the drink in the best taste when use the double wall glass.

2. It will not sweat when the cold drink in inside, so it’s unnecessary to use the coaster, and that the table will not wet

    any more.

3. It will not scald one’s hand when the hot drink in inside.

4. Combine the design of the artistic model below the interior glass; bring out one grade of inconceivable art in

    heat-resistant glasses.

5. Meanwhile the glass figurine is protected in inside.

6. Match up the personal taste, enjoying cold and hot drink, and have the unique glasses in life.

7. It is not only just a cup or a glass, but also worth collection of the unique glass.

8. The wall shape and the below design can be varied.



* The client's logo is welcomed, and we also welcome for the OEM / ODM cooperation of our structure-patent.



* Safety for drinking


The art / figurine double wall glass passed for Compliance with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance Policy Guides 7117.06 (12/12/95) and 7117.07 (12/12/95). It is safety for drinking.


* How to wash the glass and how to let the glass be bright forever?

1. Wash the glass after using at once.  

2. Can use the soft cloth with general water to wash; also can use some lemon juice or the sodium bicarbonate to

    brush glass while washing, later rinse with the general water. Drip the water, and then wipe water by soft cloth.

    Therefore it can be bright forever after simple clean.



* Note

1. Able to bear 150 degrees of high temperature.

2. Can wash with the dish-washer; Can freeze at empty glass.

3. The material is the heat-resistant glass.

4. Can't be done to boiling.

5. Microwave oven Can't be used; Can’t do Straight fire.