LOVE Double Wall Drinking Glass

Product Description

ITEM NO.: JG2186
‧Can prevent the temperature change of content drink from the outside air, and keep the drink in the best taste when use the double wall glass.
‧It will not sweat when the cold drink in inside.
‧It will not scald one’s hand when the hot drink in inside.
‧Combine the design of the artistic model below the interior glass; bring out one grade of inconceivable art in heat-resistant glasses.
Meanwhile the glass figurine is protected in inside.
‧The wall shape and the below design can be varied.
‧Safety for drinking: passed for Compliance with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance Policy Guides 7117.06 (12/12/95) and 7117.07 (12/12/95).

Product Specification

‧Material: Borosilicate glass (Heat-resistant glass)
‧Size: Dia 7.5 × H 13.5 cm
‧Capacity: 250 ml
‧Below design: heart
‧With white roasted decal