6 In 1 Multi-function Utility Knife Set

Product Description

ITEM NO.: JK0052
‧Utility knife with quick blade change and adjustability to suit 3 types of work in awkward spaces.
‧Ergonomically bent handle saves effort; comfortable TPR grip.
‧Multi-functional to cut different materials.
‧Standard blade for cutting board plywood.
‧Hook blade for cutting mats or wall paper.
‧Saw blade for cutting wood or board.
‧Circular blade for cutting textile materials or leather.
‧Tungsten blade for cutting glass or tiles.
‧Hack saw for cutting metal.

Product Specification

‧Utility knife: 1 PC    
‧Standard blade: 3 PCS in a box    
‧Hook blade: 3 PCS in a box    
‧Saw blade: 1 PC    
‧Hack saw blade: 1 PC    
‧Circular blade: 1 PC    
‧Tungsten blade: 1 PC